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Gallery Sausalito

Gallery Sausalito represents a contemporary collection of original, fine art works. We are obsessed with texture and color. Visit our gallery and you’ll see what we mean! We are located in charming downtown Sausalito. In addition to seeing our gallery collection, enjoy and observe gallery owner, Sue Averell working in her art studio. “I feel that sharing my creative process with people helps them to connect with my art on a more personal level”.

Daniel Merriam's Bubble Street Gallery

Daniel Merriam’s Bubble Street Gallery was founded in August 2012 by artist Daniel Merriam. Known for his prolific exploration of the romantically surreal, Merriam offers visitors a first-hand glimpse into the visual pleasure dome within which he has fostered his career and way of life. Merriam created a space dedicated to the theme of his work, bringing in artists and craftspeople who contribute to the same vernacular of contemporary surrealism.

Daniel Merriam’s Bubble Street Gallery

Extraordinary works of art, hand made jewelry, pottery & more
565 Bridgeway, 415-339-0506,

Gallerie Elektra

Art gallery in Sausalito specializing in original oil paintings
668 Bridgeway, 415-331-3332,

Gallery Sausalito & Working Art Studio

Contemporary 2D & 3D Paintings & Sculptures
28 Princess St, Unit B, 415-887- 9238,

Hanson Gallery Fine Art

Featuring work of emerging & established artists for 30 years
669 Bridgeway, 415-332-1815,

Sausalito Center for the Arts

Multi-art venue showcasing the diversity of all forms of art & culture
750 Bridgeway, 415-331-1409,

Scrimshaw Gallery

Scrimshaw, nautical art, knives & collectibles
19 Princess St, 415-331-1409,
Not listed on Map

Industrial Center Building

Featuring work of emerging & established artists for 30 years
480 Gate Five Rd, 415-332-0730,